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  • Todd Stocker
    Todd Stocker3 timer siden

    This bit stayed this bit fucked off haha

  • gaz richards
    gaz richards5 timer siden

    jerry seinfeld is so fucking dull its beyond belief how hes made a career as a comedian

    MAHAR LIKA6 timer siden

    this for me is the best one. Ricky's theraphy session hahahaha

  • David Ackley
    David Ackley6 timer siden

    Gervais well ahead of his time. Genius

  • purplezoid1
    purplezoid110 timer siden


  • Topper Daigle
    Topper Daigle11 timer siden

    Never imagined Ricky Gervais to be this kind of writer/director. After Life and Derek have some truly amazing storylines and emotion. The man's funny and he doesn't give a shit what people think. But these shows have some really thought provoking dialogue and scenes that touch your heart. Great, great actors (Gervais, Conaty, Godliman, Wilkinson, Pilkington and of course the amazing Penelope Wilton etc, etc) and you can relate and even if you can't, anyone with an ounce of humanity has to appreciate the balance between comedy and drama he's gifted us with here with these 2 shows. Bust a gut one minute-ball your friggin' eyes out the next. Brilliant TV. Can't wait for After Life season 3 to hit Netflix.

  • Jerry Schuman
    Jerry Schuman11 timer siden

    Holy crap... I'm in tears and dying. That's some of the funniest shit I've ever seen.

  • Gius Ins
    Gius Ins13 timer siden

    if you are here on 2021

  • Joseph Ryan Moonoo
    Joseph Ryan Moonoo15 timer siden

    This is brilliant 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • aroesynth
    aroesynth21 time siden

    when you realize old people are babies with experience

  • TWITTER 1984
    TWITTER 198423 timer siden

    Ricky has aged so much since this. Don't go vegan!!!

  • Guvna07
    Guvna07Dag siden

    And Lenny was the one who ended up being knighted!

  • Ryan Merino
    Ryan MerinoDag siden

    The elephant joke got me.

  • Oliver Conroy
    Oliver ConroyDag siden

    Probably took about 20 takes haha

  • Agustín Ferri
    Agustín FerriDag siden

    1:07 To what did Toby give five stars? Sorry, English isn't my first language. =)

  • dP
    dPDag siden

    Love ❤️❤️❤️ the show so freaking funny sad at times like a rollercoaster up n down lmao to whipping my tears away great concept great show love love love it 💞👍👏👏👏👏🙏 BTW I LOVE THE WIG LMFAO

  • I BraveHeart
    I BraveHeartDag siden

    This is actually a really good song

  • Gifleo
    GifleoDag siden

    I don’t get the hmv joke

  • Reece Jackson
    Reece JacksonDag siden

    4:01 sounds like one of those chickens that make the noise when you squeeze them

  • david lawton
    david lawtonDag siden

    Kev is one the best comedy characters ever, if you don't laugh at this you have no sense of humour. Don't know how they manage to get through a scene

  • New Thought
    New ThoughtDag siden

    Does Ricky EVER let someone finish a sentence?

  • Danny Balance
    Danny BalanceDag siden

    If I ever watch this without smiling then put me down!! #depressionkiller

  • Auditory Cheesecake
    Auditory CheesecakeDag siden

    The fact that Karl Pilkington was one of the first people to hear this...

  • Silversteele
    SilversteeleDag siden

    You see how genuinely worked up Karl was getting in the last bit?! LOL! Its as if he was really talking to his neighbor at the end there. Lmfao!

  • EJ Ruiz
    EJ Ruiz2 dager siden

    Glad to see Walder Frey and Thoros of Myr here.

  • Nigel’s Modelling Bench
    Nigel’s Modelling Bench2 dager siden

    I really don't remember laughing this much for years.. The pub scene is amazing!!

  • Ahmed Salah
    Ahmed Salah2 dager siden

    translation didn't come up!

  • lavcra3
    lavcra32 dager siden

    My dad worked for our price 🤣🤣

  • II I3EN II 31
    II I3EN II 312 dager siden

    7:29 , your welcome

  • Amit Joshi
    Amit Joshi2 dager siden

    I miss XFM

  • Walaki
    Walaki2 dager siden

    That fucking cake scene....made my cry X'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • ThePizzo
    ThePizzo2 dager siden

    The cake!!!! No chance I can't laugh at that!!!

  • j dd
    j dd2 dager siden

    Ricky where is lesson 2??? I need to learn english please? Karl is good teacher💯

  • Ronan Darby
    Ronan Darby2 dager siden

    My girlfriends from sao paulo and used tbis to learn english She's now got a head like a fucking orange

  • Carl sagan
    Carl sagan2 dager siden

    So when is the second season coming out?

  • Bradley Thomas
    Bradley Thomas3 dager siden

    Love it Love It Love It! Sooooo good everytime

  • The United Katedom
    The United Katedom3 dager siden

    Thi$ video $hould be pre$Kribed to anyone $uffering from depre$$ion. I love how David Earl i$ $till Kev in thi$. And Ratty and the Non$e... ju$t wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grandmas eggs
    Grandmas eggs3 dager siden

    Simply hilarious material

  • nroks
    nroks3 dager siden

    Paul Kaye... what a star

  • HB - NANAS
    HB - NANAS3 dager siden

    Thx Ricky for this amazing serie I love it !!!

  • Paul
    Paul3 dager siden

    This guy is just so funny!

  • Jeremy Minore
    Jeremy Minore3 dager siden

    Spoiler, they crashed

  • Andrea Molton
    Andrea Molton3 dager siden

    Great explanation Ricky to Sara re the trans issue.

  • The United Katedom
    The United Katedom3 dager siden


  • Leo Messenger
    Leo Messenger3 dager siden

    in midst of political correctness and woke activists derek came out... what a masterpiece

  • Debbie Driver
    Debbie Driver3 dager siden

    why hasnt this had millions of hits?!

  • Jacob Dunne
    Jacob Dunne3 dager siden

    It has

  • Brett Gurney
    Brett Gurney3 dager siden

    Ive got a stumpy knob!

  • English Rose
    English Rose4 dager siden


  • Veronika Di Di
    Veronika Di Di4 dager siden

    Damn! Warwick is a very handsome man!

  • ACTOR Zee
    ACTOR Zee4 dager siden


  • fabiana salinas
    fabiana salinas4 dager siden

    MARAVILLOSA. no me canso de verla. Rio, lloro. Es magnífica.

  • Tony Kennedy
    Tony Kennedy4 dager siden

    He stole the "head on a pillow" from Karl Pilkington

  • Bugman
    Bugman4 dager siden

    Why do I always come back to this?

  • Fang V V
    Fang V V4 dager siden

    Great show💖

  • Lifes a hike
    Lifes a hike4 dager siden

    David Earl Brilliant

  • Raph Duncan
    Raph Duncan4 dager siden

    "I've said that before."

  • Richard Horrocks
    Richard Horrocks4 dager siden

    I wonder if this is how he got Life's Too Short.

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams4 dager siden

    Bloody hilarious 🤣😅🤣 ❤️

  • Metin Koc
    Metin Koc5 dager siden

    I cannot understand what you say but I love watching you eat 😂 so hard to take

  • Preesbill
    Preesbill5 dager siden

    18:05 love how the cameraman just turned the camera to film Ricky laugh his ass off :D

  • Tim Richards
    Tim Richards5 dager siden

    Ricky's the Squaddie in the Barrack room, that causes everyone to start giggling. In the middle of the room inspection.

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson5 dager siden

    These work so much better when they put ricky on the back foot like in this one. Much better when he has strong personality guests, otherwise RG just pontificates for 60 mins

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine5 dager siden

    Isn’t this still terrorism even if it’s staged?

  • MrAmericanbeauty
    MrAmericanbeauty5 dager siden

    Please tell me what Kev says about her neck, i cant make it out?

  • Crummdog81
    Crummdog814 dager siden

    “See how Christian she is with a couple of these down her fucking neck!” Referring to couple of cans inside her...

  • Pattaya Street Cruiser Loser
    Pattaya Street Cruiser Loser5 dager siden

    This guy has become a real life David Brent. Hasn’t done anything funny for a decade.

  • Trusty Pete
    Trusty Pete5 dager siden

    The luge is the most perfect description of the comedown. Epic

  • Dutch HOLLANDS
    Dutch HOLLANDS5 dager siden


  • Charlie B
    Charlie B5 dager siden

    Congress tart

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown5 dager siden

    If laughter is the best medicine, Ricky will leave to be 150 😂

  • Rumble Shakes
    Rumble Shakes5 dager siden

    10:34 I love it that Ricky just laughs so loud next to his ear. Makes it even funnier.

  • Paul Lomas
    Paul Lomas6 dager siden

    Derek is a masterpiece!

  • 0tispunkm3y3r
    0tispunkm3y3r6 dager siden

    Michael Park-in-bum just rips every time 🤣

  • Something Something Something
    Something Something Something6 dager siden

    Ellen not clapping looks oddly different in 2021.

  • tony
    tony6 dager siden

    "Theres nothing funny about those."

  • Coby Hernandez
    Coby Hernandez6 dager siden

    lost my shit during the cake eating. LOL

  • Jane Seward
    Jane Seward3 dager siden

    Hahaha me too 😂😂

  • Jackaljkljkl
    Jackaljkljkl6 dager siden

    Look at it... Look at the fish...

  • Marcos Guevara
    Marcos Guevara6 dager siden

    Rare to see Ricky dressed half decent

  • Mark Crosby
    Mark Crosby6 dager siden

    Brilliant 😂👍

  • Mark Crosby
    Mark Crosby6 dager siden

    Tom petty would have liked that 😉

  • cjfarmer23
    cjfarmer236 dager siden

    David Earl showreal :)